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After 25 years, Venice fire chief retires



VENICE — After 25 years with the department, Venice Fire Chief Shawn Carvey will be retiring on Sept. 1.

“I’ve seen a lot of changes, but it’s been a fun ride,” Carvey said.

Carvey grew up in Englewood as a sixth-generation resident. After volunteering with the fire department in Englewood, he decided to apply for a position in Venice.

In 1996, he started his 25-year career in Venice.

Throughout the years, Carvey went through every ranking in the department and eventually became fire chief almost six years ago.

“I’m very fortunate,” Carvey said. “I’ve


Venice Fire Chief Shawn Carvey became chief almost six years ago and has gone through every ranking in the department.



worked for a lot of good officers and chiefs.”

As fire chief, Carvey has overseen many accomplishments in the department. Some of those include the Emergency Medical Services takeover, the new station one project and gaining the city’s full support after possibilities of consolidating with the county’s fire services.

“I want my tenure here to be realized that every decision I made, I did it in hopes to make this department and the city better,” Carvey said.

He also said morale was an all time low when he took over, but he helped turn it around. He partnered with the firefighters union to build the morale up.

Over his many years with the department, Carvey said his favorite memory is sitting around the kitchen table sharing stories.

“Everything’s done at the kitchen table,” Carvey said. “You know there’s even tears shed at the kitchen table, when you come back (from a call).”

He said they shared those traumatic incidents and helped each other get through it.

“It’s the bonding and the camaraderie that is shared at that table that we really enjoy,” Carvey said.

However, he said, it was now time to retire.

“But there’s a time where you have to make a decision on it’s somebody else’s time,” Carvey said.

He said despite loving his job, he wants to allow others to be able to take leadership positions within the department and have that upper mobility.

He said when he was coming up through the ranks, usually when someone hit that 25-year mark, it was their time to leave.

“I’m comfortable leaving the fire department where I have no issues with how its going to progress,” Carvey said.

Carvey said he promised his wife that come retirement time, he would move up north with her, since she was originally from New Hampshire.

They will be moving soon after he officially retires. But Carvey plans to stay busy, or at least after some much needed time off.

He said there’s a possibility he might get back into fire service in New Hampshire.

However, other possibilities include getting back into construction, which he did while moving up the ranks at the department, or expanding his small honey bee business.

Now looking forward to retirement, Carvey knows the department will be in good hands.

“Deputy Chief Giddens is going to be a great chief,” Carvey said.

“But there’s a time where you have to make a decision on it’s somebody else’s time.”

Shawn Carvey

Venice Fire Chief

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